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"Heather Chapman-Henry is a wonderful therapist/play therapist. She has helped my child open up at her pace, with tremendous patience and compassion, while feeling almost like a family friend to us. She is warm and supportive, and always extremely accessible. Heather does such a wonderful job of creating a positive environment where children can be playful. Our kiddo expresses her feelings, trusts her and enjoys the time she spends there. Within weeks of her first sessions with Heather, our daughter was more confident and relaxed. Physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety began to subtly, but steadily melt away. We are always grateful to work with her and especially appreciate the communication and encouragement to us as parents- that has been so important!"

- Mother of 11-year-old

"Heather is a treasure for our family. Not only do my husband and I feel comfortable with her, our daughter loves her. When you have a child who is anxious, starting anything new can be so challenging, but from the very beginning, Heather made her feel welcome and encouraged and supported. We cannot say enough good things about how helpful Heather has been for our daughter and how wonderful it is (for her and for us) to have another trusted adult to help guide her through childhood." 


- Mother of 7-year-old

"Heather is great at listening and understanding others; giving customers tools to utilize to support their individual growth."


- Adult client

"Heather is amazing! My kids love her. I am so grateful for her patience and skills. Grateful mom here!"

- Mother of two teens

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